We are a small Lanarkshire based cat rescue organization, who are run totally by a team of cat concerned volunteers, based throughout the Lanarkshire area. Having fosterers being based in Carluke, Airdrie, Braehead and Lanark. Our charity is concerned primarily with the welfare of stray, abandoned and feral cats and we are dedicated to the welfare of these cats.
This branch of a National Charity was founded in September 1999 to try to better cope with the sheer volume of cats requiring help in Lanarkshire. Sometimes if we have shelter space we also help cats/kittens out with this area too.
We have been able to help about 500 cats/kittens per annum and strive to really improve these cats/kittens quality of life.
We also run neutering and subsidised neutering programmes, which can help.
We are very much a self-funding branch and are really struggling to survive right now. We receive no government funding/financial help whatsoever. As such we have to rely totally on the generosity of the general public for donations, to continue to exist to be able to help needy cats/kittens in this area. Especially at this time of year.
If you feel you can help by giving a very much needed donation to our branch, through paypal or by completing a direct debit instruction, please, please get in touch today, so we are able to help other cats out there tomorrow.
Without your help and generosity, we simply would not be able to exist to help the sheer number of cats and kittens we do year after year.




Please by all means contact us with any queries/enquiries preferably on admin@catactiontrust.co.uk or by phoning

We can help you, if you are:-
Interested in homing a cat /kitten we have for re-homing.
Interested in subsidised neutering and/or subsidised micro-chipping.
If you have a cat with kittens and wish to re-home the kittens, through ourselves to vetted, good homes, in return for the neutering of your/the female cat. Which would come as free of charge, but at selected vets only.
You are interested in volunteering. Especially on the fundraising side of things or even heading up the fundraising for us or becoming one of the fundraising team!!
If you wish to receive a cat rescue listing of all known cat rescues by area.
If you are interested in receiving and setting-up a direct debit instruction, to help our charity on a regular basis, month-on-month. Which is a tremendous help to us and much appreciated and needed indeed. Or any other way you wish to directly donate towards our charity that isn't already